How to Use Evernote as a Blogger Planner

Photo Credit: Death to Stock Photo

I don’t want you to think for a moment that I don’t plan or think about my posts ahead of time.  Blogging takes work if you are trying to turn your “little hobby,” as my husband puts it, into a part time or even full time job.  You have to spend time planning, thinking about topics, engaging your readers, and all the little nuances of the blogging world to make it work.

As a result of this, blog planners have become all the rage.  Every blog that is run by someone who does crafts, design, or has Photoshop, has created a blog planner.  Some are free, others aren’t.  And while these planners are beautiful, and I have downloaded a few of them, I have found that there is really no purpose.  The exception to this statement is people who prefer to write things down vs. having them on your computer.

Personally, I’m on my laptop all the time for one reason or another, though it’s usually because of my blog.  While doing this, that, or the other thing one day, I discovered a program called Evernote™.  While I have no idea why their icon is an elephant, I can tell you that Evernote™.has take my already absurdly organized self to the highest of levels.  Why?  Because there isn’t much that it can’t help you do.

I have the app on my computer, my phone, and my iPad.  By doing this, they are all linked, so no matter where I am when inspiration punches me in the nose, I’m ready.  On my phone app, I can take pictures, write a standard “note”or even record something.  All of this then automatically syncs to my account and shows up on my other devices.

With Evernote™, I can have my blog and home life organized in the same place, yet separate by creating “notebooks” for all the different things I need.

Within the notebooks, I have notes, I can take screen shots of my computer and I can even “clip” articles and save them.

I have a notebook for my blog, but also for Christmas.  I have notes for blog topics, funny quotes, who to invite to our birthday party and just about anything else I can make a list out of.  Using the “clip” feature, I can copy an article to my Evernote™ notebook to have a collection of articles about social media tips or whatever else I might want a collection of.  I can start a blog post when inspired in the parking lot of Target, then finish it at home when I can access my computer. This gives me the most organized, simple to use and complete way to hold all the information I want or need for anything in my life. 

Why keep a paper list when you can have a list with you at all times simply because your have your cell phone or computer nearby?  And you can access your notes even when you are not connected to the internet, so there is never a worry about the fact that it’s a web base program.

The one and only thing I adore about physical blog planners are the editorial calendars.  I happen to have one built into my website which allows me to drag and drop my posts all around to schedule them.  It’s very easy to use and easy to see what goes live when, but what about other important things to track?  Are you tracking link ups, blog hops, and other social events in the blog world?  You should be.  It helps you to remember when each link up you love is.  You can also use them to track hops you are co-hosting, giveaways and anything else that can be rotating or one time only.  But aside from that, I think Evernote™ is the way to go.  So much easier and I don’t know how I lived my life before it!

*Note, I was not paid or sponsored to endorse Evernote™.  I simply adore their product.