10 Unique Writing Prompts to Cure Writers Block

Photo Credit: Death to Stock Photo

List posts are really popular. I know I love a good Top 10 or some other arbitrarily numbered thing to write a list about. But even though I love them, I absolutely SUCK at writing them. I wrote one once about my top 12 blogging pet peeves and it just sounded mean. I know I was kind of joking, but sarcasm is so hard to convey in writing and, frankly, I don’t need the hate mail from those of you who insist on putting music on your blogs.

But I really want to have a post that lists stuff. REALLY REALLY A LOT. So, I’ve conspired via Twitter with my newest blogging buddy The Classy Zipperhead and decided to write a list of writing prompts. This is really just a list of things I think would be awesome and hilarious to read on someone’s blog. I’ve decided to call them “Unique” because I really want unsuspecting people to pin this post and then come back months later to actually look at the link and discover that my list includes things like Ninja Cats.

Here’s my list:

  1. Why cats might secretly be soul stealing ninjas.
  2. If your favorite animal could pass judgment, would they hate Hipsters? Discuss your reasons.
  3. What does your favorite food say about you?
  4. If your animals could talk, do you think they would turn state’s evidence with their knowledge of your doings?
  5. If you have to pick your favorite baby name, food, pet name, and household item (of any kind) that start with the letter Z, what would they be?
  6. If you had a pet alligator, what would his name be? And where would his country of origin be if you created a backstory for him? (Hint: Mine would be Raoul and he would say things like “Mami” because he’s Latin)
  7. If you were a celebrity having a baby, what would your ridiculous baby name be? You are not allowed to use one that is already taken.
  8. If you could go back in time and smack one person in the face, who would it be? P.S. This is best answered when traveling in time beyond your own life line to a generation that pre-dates you.
  9. Thinking back to the Ninja Cats. If Ninja Cats had a purpose other than stealing souls, what would it be? Would they use their power for good or evil?
  10. If you had to ask your favorite blogger one RIDICULOUS question, but it wasn’t allowed to be a question of substance (like how they would solve world hunger) and it wasn’t allowed to be cliché (like why they blog), what would it be?

So there you have it folks. That would be my 10 unique completely ridiculous, but also hilarious and awesome blogging prompts.

You’re Welcome! (Don’t worry, you’ll thank me later when you become struck with a crippling case of writers block and find this list, filed away under “Ridiculous Things to Immediately Forget,” is the only thing that cures your ailment.)