Yes, that is her boob she is grabbing

Yes, that is her boob she is grabbing.
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**** I will warn you ahead of time that you might not like this post and I fully expect to have people disagree with me, as well as lose a few followers.  However, if you choose to comment, at least be respectful.


I don’t watch the VMA’s anymore.  Not because I think I’m too old or anything, I’m just not an awards show fan.  Even when I was in high school, I caught highlights on replay the next day most years.  But every year there has to be a scandal and this year it was Miley Cyrus.

I woke up to my Facebook and Twitter feed filled with nothing but Miley Cyrus talk.  Everyone was talking about twerking, which I’d never heard of, and her love affair with a foam finger.  Naturally that means I Google’ed the video.

A few things struck me while watching:

  1. Why is everyone all upset?
  2. She’s an adult
  3. Get over her tongue.  We all have one.
  4. The foam finger stuff could have been much worse.

I’m not saying she wasn’t dressed provocatively, or dancing suggestively.  I’m say that she is TWENTY years old.  She is not ten, she is not Hanna Montana and she is not on the Disney Channel anymore.  She is a grown ass woman.  Let’s all stop viewing her as a child and remember that she is a full fledge pop star and legally an adult.  I know people who were married with kids by twenty, so let’s have a little perspective please.

And because she’s an adult, I honestly don’t understand why I saw at least ten separate people ask where her parents were in my Facebook feed.  Who cares?  When I was twenty years old, I still lived at home and yet I STILL managed to not give a crap what my parents thought of anything I did.  I stayed out late, sometimes all night, I partied, and I DRESSED. HOWEVER. I.  WANTED. TO.

Again, with the perspective.  She is a full grown human, who is capable of making her own decisions without needing the permission of her parents on what she can and cannot wear or dance moves she can and cannot do.

So, now that we have established her age, let’s talk about the performance itself.

I’m not saying she didn’t do some dirty stuff guys.  BUT, a month or so ago, my husband made a comment about her new song and I hadn’t heard it.  He looked up the video on Youtube and played it for me.  Have you seen it?  Because if you had, you’d have had the same reaction that I had when watching the VMA “scandal.”  Which was that I shrugged my shoulders and said, “uh, I don’t get it.”

From the video: And yes, she is doing something just as suggestive looking as the picture implies

From the video: And yes, she is doing something just as suggestive looking as the picture implies

The video is suggestive, weird and she’s half naked throughout it.  So really, what did you think was going to happen when she performed it live on TV?  And for that matter, is anyone listening to the lyrics?  She talks about shaking it like you’re at a strip club, being at a party and betting someone is going to “get some,” and the likes.  So again, what did you all expect?  And why was nobody shouting outrage at that first?  Why wait all those months to suddenly be angry that she is dancing like a hooker and showing skin?  That video plays all the time, so really, if you didn’t have a problem with your kids watching it, or you watching it, now’s not really the time to suddenly be shocked she showed up in next to nothing and danced like a stripper.

She is not ten.  She is not Hanna Montana.  She is an adult and needs no permission from her parents or anyone else to sing about that stuff, dance how she wants and be a little slutty.

The problem, as I see it, is that we have a hard time letting children grow up.  Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and the likes all had similar outrages thrown in their directions when they became adults and started singing about sex and show skin. Remember Britney Spears on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine?

And really, take a look at other pop stars out there.  In the grand history of the VMA’s, Miley is by no means the most outrageous thing to ever have happened.  And there are plenty of rappers and singers who have done much worse.  So, let’s take a collected deep breath and remember that just because you wouldn’t want your kid to do that, doesn’t negate the fact that she is an ADULT pop singer who can do whatever she wants.

Are you curious now? Watch for yourself.

2013 VMA performance

We Can’t Stop Video

And while no one said much about the We Can’t Stop video, three years ago, she released this music video and everyone was upset that it was “too” sexy.

Who Owns My Heart Video

PS.  She is NOT a role model.  If you are expecting every person who is famous to not be fallible human beings, simply because they sing a song or star in a movie, then you are sadly misguided.  If you want a positive role model for your children, be one.