I will start this out by saying that it’s not often I go on rants about the state of humanity. Though I admit that I often find that the acts of people at large disgust and disappoint me, it’s rare that I come online and voice things that might actually be equally as hateful as what fired me up. However, today I am going to make an exception.

Buzzfeed.com posted a picture of a letter that was sent anonymously to a family by way of slipping it under their door. An act, in itself, that should tell you that the person behind the letter is a coward. (Click the link to view the letter in full)

Actual Letter (as shown via Twitter and Buzzfeed)

Actual Letter (as shown via Twitter and Buzzfeed)

And what kind of horrible person says these things about a CHILD?

What I find particularly ridiculous is that the person who wrote the letter says that no one else has the guts to say these things… And yet, they apparently don’t either. For, if they had any guts at all, they would have signed their name.

To her, I’d like to say:
Ma’am, only cowards hide cruel comments behind anonymous messages. If you don’t have the balls to sign your name, then you can hardly claim that ANYONE in you neighborhood agrees with you. Instead of “euthanizing” a child, who cannot help or change their circumstances, I propose it to be legal to punch people like you in the face whenever you make hateful and stupid comments such as these. You see, while that child can do nothing about having been born with autism, you can choose to not be a giant D-bag.


I have often said that it’s the biggest act of cowardice to hide hateful speech against someone behind anonymous comments. Bloggers encounter this kind of thing everyday. Everyone is brave when they don’t have to sign their name to it. And people will say the most astonishing things when they think no one knows it’s them.

I am both disgusted with this letter and with the human behind it. The very idea that a living, breathing, beautiful child should be “euthanized” is so beyond horrid that I can’t even think of what to equate it to. There was once a dictator who shared this woman’s beliefs, and we consider him to be the biggest war criminal of all time.

So, while the child may be loud, he is also loved. And while it may inconvenience people at times, he is probably loving his life, unaware that people can be so cruel. And yet his mother has to battle ignorant, hateful people like that everyday. People who will stare, make comments and type offensive letters on pink stationary and slip it under her front door.

It is articles like these that make me questions humanities humanity. How can we say we are for the love of all, when that love only applies to those who are like us? How can we say that everyone is equal, when we only mean those without disability or handicap? And how can a woman explain to her children that the world is beautiful, when it is filled with the ugliness that that woman chose to put into the universe?

**Please know that the neighborhood this woman claims hates the child has rallied around the family in support and an effort to find the letter writer. And the family intends to press charges when they do.