Welcome to my series “How to NOT Suck at Blogging.”  I decided to start this after numerous requests for written tutorials from bloggers I have helped.  The title is meant to be a joke, but if you suck at blogging (like I did when I first started) I hope you are able to find some useful and helpful information in the series. If not, well, don’t say I never did nothing nice for ya!

Here’s a funny thing about blogging:  No matter who you are or what platform you are on, you have to eventually know the basics of how the internet, HTML coding, and servers work.  It’s not to say you have to be an expert and we all choose how much or how little we want to do on our own.  But the fact is, not having some very basic knowledge can really hurt you.

Did you know that if I visit your site and it takes more than a handful of seconds to start showing me visual clues that it’s loading (pictures showing up or words etc.) I leave?  And you know what?  Most everyone else will too!  You could potentially be losing views, followers, and traffic in general because of this!

So, to keep it short and simple, I’m going to give you some basic things you should be doing no matter who you are.  Keep your site working!

5 Blog Maintenance Things You Should be Doing

  1. Delete spam comments- Regardless of how well your spam filter works, you need to go in and actually delete these comments.  They are taking up space on your blog.  Me?  I get a few hundred a week (sometimes a day) so imagine how much that is slowing me down!
  2. Resize your images BEFORE you load them.  Yes, you can make them bigger or smaller when you are in the post itself, but your site is still storing that giant old picture.  Make it a more reasonable size.  I generally make it slightly larger than I think I’ll want it just to be safe in case it ends up needing to be a little larger, but in general, resize them to a smaller size to save space
  3. Speaking of images- Delete images you uploaded but didn’t attach to anything.  I’m a dork who often loads an image and realizes I forgot to watermark it, or it’s got a typo.  I then go back through and remove any duplicates from my media.  The same goes for when/if you redesign your blog.  When I give it an overhaul, I usually end up with page titles and such that are no longer in use.  DELETE DELETE DELETE!!!!
  4. If you are on WordPress: Delete old themes- There is no reason to store 100 themes you aren’t using.  Just delete them and move on.
  5. And speaking of WordPress- Delete plugins you aren’t using as well.

These five things can help your site immensely.  Of course, they aren’t a catchall and if your site is still having issues, further troubleshooting will be necessary.  But doing these things regularly will help keep your site running smoothly.