Microwave Divas is an on going series during which I will periodically host guest bloggers as well as share my own Microwave Divas // itsnotmeyousuck.comrecipes.  I’m a terrible and lazy cook, but have learned to do some pretty amazing things with the microwave and began calling myself a Microwave Diva, and thus the idea for the series was born!

Easy Microwaved Spaghetti Squash // itsnotmeyousuck.com

Spaghetti Squash might be one of my favorite foods of all time.  The main reason is that it’s SUPER easy to make and taste good with just about anything on it.  I have been known to take leftovers from previous meals and toss it in with my squash.  Most people bake, but I’m here to give you an even easier method: The Microwave (cue chorus of angels singing)
It’s pretty basic and works plain and with a whole meal in inside (which is what I’m showing you today)
cut squash in half

Stuff with yummy stuffI like to stuff mine with fillings to make it a full pasta meal without extra work.  This one had garlic, a little salt, chopped tomatoes, and some chicken sausage. There is no need to add water or oil or anything else.  It will naturally steam itself when cooking.

Cover with plastic wrap and microwave for 7 to 10 minutes.  Once you can poke/squeeze the outside and it’s soft and smooshes in it’s done.  If it’s soft but firm, put it back in for a few minutes.  Caution: IT WILL BE HOT!!!!!!!! (These are the same instructions if you opt to not fill it with other foods.)


I use a towel or pot holder and hold the squash in my hand and scoop the fibers out with a fork.  It’s important to use a fork and NOT a spoon.  The fork will break up the fibers so they get stringing just like pasta.  I scoop, scrap, and fluff as I go dumping it into a bowl as the fibers break up.

Toss and eat!

The awesome thing about Spaghetti Squash is that it’s very versatile.  You can treat it like pasta, you can add it to bakes, I’ve even heard of people using it instead of noodles in lasagna.  Me?  I’ll put anything on it.  And being able to microwave it makes it a super easy healthy meal without much fuss.  And it keeps well too!


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