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This week I’m thrilled to welcome Cassie Celestain from www.TrueAgape.com. She loves being a wife, running and cooking new recipes. Feel free to check out all her other newlywed recipes. You can get her updates at Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter.


Hubby brought 2 pears home from work from a gift basket the office had received. After they ripened up a bit and we still had not used them I set out to find a quick and easy desert recipe! In a matter of minutes I had decided on the Pear Blueberry Cobbler. I liked how it did not have any sugar added.

Microwave Pear Blueberry Cobbler // itsnotmeyousuck.com

Quick and easy ingredients:

These were all things we had at the house. Easy last minute desert to throw in the microwave after dinner!

Quick and easy instructions:

1)     Put blueberries on the bottom of a small 3 or 4 cup microwavable save bowl.

2)     Place pears on top of blueberries. If using fresh pears peel and cut into slices.

3)     Add the butter, cinnamon, granola and walnuts on top of the pears. In that order.

4)     Microwave for 3 or 4 minutes until bubbles.

5)     Enjoy!

I personally thought there was a lot of juice in it. Not sure if using fresh blueberries would make a difference or not. Because of the amount of liquid in it next time I would add some additional granola and walnuts once it cooked to add some more crunch to. Overall the recipe was good and my husband thought it was a hit!

This recipe makes a well-proportioned serving for two. Add cool whip or ice cream to splurge.



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