Should I Buy a Min Pin? // It's Not You, It's Me

The short answer to the above question? No.

The long answer? No.

Before you get all angry at me, let me tell you that my dumbass little Min Pin is the light of my life and I adore her. I can’t image how life will be when she is gone, but frankly, I’m pretty sure she is too mean and stubborn to die anyway.

The fact of the matter is that Miniature Pinchers are ADORABLE… to look at. They are cute and have expressive little faces. But they are the devil. They are the devil that THE devil is afraid of. They are evil little dogs that will serve no good other than to give you grey hair.

Why? Because they are smarter than you. All of them. The whole lot. They are smarter than you and they know it. Which means they are simply humoring you when they do what you want.

My Little One is nearly five and a half years old. I love her. But in five and a half years, I have conceded more battles than I have won. For instance, I took her to work one day and told her to “lay down” which is “gently stretch my front legs forward” to her. I said, “No, ALL the way down.” Which is ALWAYS the second command given after a down command. She slightly bent her elbows.

My co-worker/former dog trainer extraordinaire exclaimed, “That’s NOT a down!” To which I laughed hysterically and informed her it took me THREE YEARS to get her to bend her elbows that much. It’s a freaking down because I don’t have three more years to dedicate to get her elbows to bend a little more.

And that pretty much sums up Min Pins in one story. You have probably read my “My dog is smarter than me” series and know first hand that I am outsmarted and outwitted by my dog on a daily basis.

It’s pretty true that she is a joy. She’s funny and can be sweet when she wants to be. She’s surprisingly social for a Min Pin too, considering the breed is considered anti-social and aloof. They are impossible to train, need firm boundaries, are manipulative, and extremely spiteful.

So, should you get a Min Pin too? No. Unless you want to spend the next fifteen to eighteen years (average lifespan, people!) being outsmarted and generally frustrated with your dog.


Buy a Lab. Labs are always happy to see you. Min Pins… Well, unless you have food…