A few months ago a super great military spouse blogging network approached me and asked if I’d be interested in being their Online Community Manager.  First I had to ask what the crap that even is.  Turns out it’s a fancy title for running their social media and their blog.


The First Luddite Blogger

But here’s something rather funny.  A handful of years ago, I HATED social media.  I was the last person to join MySpace and only did so because I got bored one day.  I then promptly never logged on again and the site sort of went kaput in favor of Facebook not long after.

And Facebook?  A! I refused to join for ages and ages.  I didn’t even like to text message people (my how times have changed!), I wasn’t going to share my life in print!  It wasn‘t until I began having issues emailing photos to my deployed husband that I joined.  He insisted, having been on it practically since the beginning.  He wanted me to be able to share photos and for a long time, that is really all I used it for.

Computers?  That’s another joke.  Not only did I shun social media, I was basically a Luddite and could barely use a point and shoot camera.  If it didn’t involve typing in Word, I was incapable of doing it.  My husband has always been the social media savvy guy, who could also fix my computer.

So, it might seem weird that I started a blog.  In fact, I didn’t even know what blogging was until just a few months before I began mine.  Crazy, right? And yet, I was introduced to what a blog was and off I went to blog.

 Seriously, it was sort of a fabulous beginning if you think about it.

But, my husband was gone.  He wasn’t here to teach me how to use my computer or how to deal with social media.  I was on my own.  That means that I had to spend hours online Googling things to teach myself.  And, frankly, Google Searching is a language in and of itself.

But somehow, over the year he was gone, I taught myself terminology and the basics I needed to know.  And since we were too broke to pay for web designers or anything of the likes, I had to Google that stuff too.  And suddenly, I began to speak Google Search.  And then HTML, and as time went one, even CSS.

Now?  I’m  a social media maven, fluent in Google Search, Photoshop lovin’ Online Community Manager.

While my husband still speaks Mac better than I do, my knowledge of online crap, social media use, and blog everything has far surpassed his.  In fact, his eyes glaze over when I talk about social media stuff.  I find it interesting, he finds it about as interesting as I do when he begins to talk about various nuances of minute parts of the military.

And so, five or so years later, I’m proud to say that I was probably the first Luddite Blogger, ever.  I wonder if there is a group out there for us…