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top 10 reasons military spouses are like ninjas

I’ve done a lot of research about Ninjas lately. Well that isn’t entirely true. I’ve done some research about Ninja-like characteristics because I’ve been feeling very passionate about the true awesomeness of military spouses. We do some amazing stuff that perhaps others wouldn’t even consider, let alone dream about.

So I realized, military spouses are actually kind of like Ninjas.

Here are ten characteristics I discovered that often describe Ninjas, and funny enough, military spouses too…

1. Loyalty.

Military spouses stand by their husbands through the thick and thin of military life. We spend hours preparing special care packages and beautifully written letters over the course of months and months. We wait by the phone with a sense of desperate anticipation just to hear our husbands are okay. Together we are so sweetly loyal to our husbands through the good times and the bad.

2. Bravery.

We all fell in love with the man and the military came along with it. Logically, military life is one of the hardest paths any of us could choose. We are all incredibly brave for traveling this difficult and exceptionally bumpy journey.

3. Strategic Knowledge.

Military spouses maintain a vast amount of specialized knowledge. For example, all military spouses know to never hit the commissary on a payday weekend with three kids in tow. Instead, we go at the most obscure times sans children. We avoid traveling on base during peak traffic times. It may sound simple, but these strategic bits of knowledge are real time savers!

4. Diligence.

We plug along with determination through all the hard times. We maintain check lists upon check lists to ensure we’ve completed the eighty-sixth seemingly annoying task that must be completed before being allowed to PCS. We check the boxes and cross our Ts to make sure we are best prepared for all situations the military sends our way.

5. Trustworthiness.

Almost all military spouses carry around the all-important Power of Attorney (POA), which means you hold all the power to manage nearly every single aspect of your husband’s life. There is no other document which requires more trustworthiness to sign. Military spouses maintain the ultimate level of trustworthiness with a POA.

6. Good Health.

Good nutrition is vital to optimize health and maintain stamina to cope during difficult times. A daily dose of awesome helps a military spouse stay lean, keen and ready for anything. Coffee and a vitamin helps too.

7. Responsibility.

We are afforded the responsibility of managing an entire household while fully and completely caring for our children as a single parent while our husbands are away. When problems arise we are afforded the responsibility of figuring things out on our own. No additional help necessary.

8. Ingenuity.

Otherwise known as ‘in genius.’ Yes, military spouses are very crafty. We can quickly hypothesize a number of scenarios to strategically pick our next move. Need to find last minute child care? We got this. Need to completely change your intricately planned vacation? We got this. Surprise, your husband is deploying in a month? We got this. Military spouses are incredibly creative and resourceful when it comes to problem-solving.

9. Gifted Speech.

Finding ourselves in a pickle, it’s time to bring out the Ninja talk, or as I like to call it, the charm that will allow others to see things your way. When someone says no, we military spouses have a way with words to make things happen. When I hear ‘Oh, I’m sorry Ma’am, we can’t do that,’ I say, ‘Let me tell you a story…’ Magically, military spouses make things happen with their gifted speech.

10. Optimism.

Military life is sometimes very daunting and discouraging, and through it all, we find a way to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We find a way to see the good in the bad. We find a way to stick it out, knowing things will get better. When we are at our worst, we all know the best is yet to come. When the good days aren’t so much, we are skilled in the ancient battle techniques of glass-half-full.

So maybe we aren’t exactly Ninjas, but we do embody an awful lot of Ninja-like characteristics. Do you think military spouses are like Ninjas? What are some awesome characteristics you think military spouses possess? I’d love to hear your ideas!

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