5 Things You are Probably Doing Wrong as a PR Person

  1. Most bloggers schedule their content in advance.  Even if it’s just a few posts each month, many bloggers actually write their content in advance and then schedule it to post automatically on a day of their choosing.  This means that just because you see new content going up, doesn’t mean the blogger is currently available or able to take on work.  Please don’t email them and use their “new  post” as a reason their denial is not valid or as a reason to be disrespectful of their time.
  2. You catch more bloggers with respect and professionalism than vinegar.  While most bloggers understand that it’s your job to push content and promotions, being rude, disrespectful, or unprofessional is not going to win over ANY blogger.  The next time you want something free and the blogger says no, trying buttering them up instead of cutting them down.  Some bloggers might be willing to change their mind if nicely persuaded.  No blogger will change their mind if you are a jerk.
  3. Blogging is work.  It doesn’t matter if the blogger has a “day job” or not.  Blogging takes time, effort and a lot of work to keep up on new content, promote that content, and run all the various social media sites they need to maintain.  It’s unfair to assume that all bloggers will work for free.  While some might be willing to for different reasons, their time and hard work for you is still worth something.  You don’t donate your time, and bloggers shouldn’t be expected to either.
  4. The blogging world may be large, but it’s surprisingly small too.  If enough people have a negative experience with you or who you represent, word WILL spread.  How fast is up to you based on how negative the experience was.  While most bloggers are professional enough to not call people or companies out publicly on their social media or blog, they will talk to each other.  Don’t take for granted how many networks, forums, and various social media groups there are that allow bloggers to communicate with each other without broadcasting it to the whole world.
  5. Bloggers have A LOT to offer you.  If you think of each blogger as their own personal brand, you are looking at a whole lot of brands that can share your promotion, product or company.  Bloggers, by nature, earn the trust of their readers, and that means they want to endorse things they truly believe in, which means their readers are much more likely to respond positively (and with dollar signs) to that endorsement.  Sure, there are lots of ways to get your product out there, but not many brands or channels can offer you the personal experience, personal touch, and personal connection with your audience that a blogger can.  They are well worth your time and definitely worth learning how best to utilize them as a resource and how to best to work with them.