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You Want Me to Eat What?!

We have lived in Iceland, Japan, and currently are in Germany. During our stay and travels we’ve came across some pretty weird food, or what some people may call food. In this post You Want Me To Eat What?! I share some of the things we’ve ran across that I’m just not trying! I’m not an adventurous eater and if it’s questionable I make Mr. B eat it, LOL! Some of it was even too funky for him to eat.


In Iceland my husband & boys caught a creepy fish. I probably could never be a hunter because I don’t like seeing my food in it’s ‘original’ state. Especially if it is eyeballing me, has teeth, and looks like it’s going to flop across the floor and eat me, I’m so NOT eating it! Sure it may look dead but I know how those things go. Prehistoric looking sea monsters are not on my list of must eat foods. 

You can also sample puffins at some restaurants in the Westmann islands. I’m not sure why you’d want to eat a puffin but that didn’t happen either. Especially not when you go out at night puffin hunting to find the babies that have been drawn inland by the light and return them to the sea in the morning. Setting babies free and then eating their parents, um I’d rather not! 

In Japan the food got really wild! 

More Fish

The fish markets were loaded with questionable food sources. I think the worst thing I tried, only because Mr. B said it was good, was the squid ink cake! It was horrible and I’m scarred for life. I mean the fish markets stink bad too and then they want to you try to eat funky stuff, uh no thanks. 


The local festivals were another place where you could end up with something crazy on a stick if you weren’t careful. Like baby octopus, not even if you try to throw it in a dumpling! I’m not sure why but I just am not a fan of eating babies, not that I’d eat an adult octopus either, but you know what I mean. 


The other thing is the whole fish impaled on a stick covered in salt. I am not eating something that is looking at me, I just can’t do it! And spearing it on a stick and then asking me to walk around with an impaled fish staring at me does not make my hungry, not even one tiny bit! And if you happen to pass by chomping on one I may literally stop in my tracks to stare, wondering if you have lost your mind!

Here in Germany we’ve seen some interesting stuff as well. 



Such as green cheese, an I mean literally green, like what you’d expect to find in Dr. Seuss’ Green Eggs & Ham book! I wasn’t brave enough to try it but my husband & daughter said it was good, and they did not suffer food poisoning so I guess it was ok. Green to me = bad and not something you should eat…like mold so eating green possibly fermented cheese makes me a bit nauseous. 

They also have head cheese, I did not even know what that was until we got here, and truthfully I still can’t say that I even KNOW what it is. I started to look it up after this discovery but quickly creeped myself out and closed the pages, especially when I seen a pigs head in a  pot, I’m out! I can say that if something is wiggling like jello and comes in assorted colors I won’t be giving that a try either. When you poke your food it is not supposed to bounce and poke you back. I can see how they came up with the saying about Santa’s belly jiggling ‘like a bowl full of jelly’ or I guess in Germany head cheese. So the local deli will not run out if you’d like to come try it yourself! 

These are just a FEW of the crazy things we’ve came across, here’s to hoping we can stay less adventurous when it comes to our palates and cuisine while we are traveling. I’ll save that for those who enjoy bouts of food poisoning or visiting ERs in other countries, LOL!


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