I am inspired by those out there crushing it.  You know the ones.  The ones that show up on YouTube, belt out ballads on The Voice, have blog posts go viral, or are just generally doing what they do so amazingly well that the whole world can’t help but take notice.

Me? I’m just me.  I have passion, but sometimes lack drive.  Sometimes I have drive, but lack passion.  Sometimes I realize that I have spent a pitifully and embarrassingly large amount of my life doing what other people told me I should.

Do What You Love. Your Dreams are Never Stupid

Being a writer is stupid.  Writers don’t make money.  The ones who publish books are the only ones who make money, and do you know how many books are published each year that barely sell?

Singing is a dumb dream.  The people who make it usually grew up singing in a choir so it’s stupid for you to want to sing, even if it’s not to be a super star.

Actors fail.  Most never work.  Never make money.  Never make it.  It’s dumb to chase that.

There have been a lot of things in my life that fueled my soul.  I have done a lot of creative things that I have been praised for, told I could be something to somebody someday, only to have those praises quieted by a family that believes creative goals never get you anywhere.  Which is weird for how creative and diverse my family members’ careers are.  For some reason, I was not to pursue those types of dreams.

I can’t help but be slightly pained when I am sitting in awe of something beautifully, fantastically unique and inspiring.  The pain comes from knowing that I wasted so much time unable to quiet the voices in my life that tell me I can’t do that.

Now, I do it anyway.

I may never write the next Great American Novel, but I can write my blog.  I can get heartwarming comments from those who say “Me Too!” and who want me to know I’m not alone and they are so happy to know they aren’t either.  It might not be much, but writing about who I am and how I see the world is satisfying to me.

I have a dear, dear friend who loves acting.  She has a day job, but she does theater when she can, she’s been an extra on  a few TV shows, and is out there doing what she can to live her dream.  And no matter how many fierce dance numbers I watch on YouTube, people like her are the most inspirational to me.

She is doing what she loves no matter where life takes her.  Even if it’s part time.  She doesn’t care if she makes it big some day.  She only cares that she has passion and will find a way to do what she loves.

So I have a blog.  I have a blog so that I can write whatever I feel like writing.  And so that I can follow my own passion, no matter where life takes me.  I will find a way.

Those naysayers don’t know what is in your soul.  So, who cares what they say? Do it anyway.  Do what you love. Your dreams are never stupid.