I don’t do a ton of editing of my posts. In general, I believe that the word vomit I produce when writing is genuine and thus should be published as is. I have my editor check my posts for terrible grammar and my painful inability to spell that my Mac computer has taught itself and now autocorrects to. The irony of computers being able to learn from their masters is that they learn all our bad habits too.

Nonetheless, I produce and share content much in the way it is formed in my brain and leave it at that. Not because it couldn’t maybe use a little touching up or perhaps even a massive overhaul to make it more “palatable,” but because I see no point in writing about my life with someone else’s words.

But, in spite of that, I am still a blogger and much of what I do has to be planned. I produce content, proofread it, send it to my editor, have to remember I sent it to her so I can remember to get it back, plan social media promotion of the content, remember I wrote something that I didn’t send to my editor so that I can now send said content to her (happens more than you’d think), and so on and so forth.

While writing is fun and blogging is fun, it’s still a lot like work.

I also work in social media for a group and I love that. I LOVE that all of my idiot savant-like random social media knowledge is useful somewhere. Especially since my husband spends a lot of time asking me why I know the random crap I know. It’s useful, yes, but excessive.

All this collectively means that I spend most of my day trying to look like I know what I’m doing. I figured that it also means I should give you a true look inside a bloggers brain.

A Look Inside a Bloggers Brain

Example One: I put a blog post on Facebook using a quirky intro line and a link.

What it looks like: Check out why I think making friends is like dating http://xyz

What is really happening: Should I have added a picture too? Or put the link in a comment? To do that I have to post it in real time, and I’m not sure I’ll be up yet then because I’m wide awake and it’s 3am. Should I do a separate tweet or just let it auto-post from Facebook? Should I have gone with that title? Maybe something different would have been better. Which groups should I share this in? Is it right for the linkup this week? Maybe I should have gone with something less offensive, or more offensive, or maybe used FUCK a lot less this week. That reminds me to remind my new followers that I swear. Oh, and that someone was dumb about something and I should probably tweet about that. Oh wait, should I post this at 8am or 10am? Which time do I get the most click-throughs? Crap, I still need to pin yesterday’s post too. I need to set an alarm so that I can remember to hop on Pinterest later and get this pinned too.

Example Two: When I share a funny meme

What it looks like: This is how my day is going… (picture)

What is really happening: Scroll through 1,000 pictures. Should I do a Grumpy Cat or snarky meme? When’s the last time I posted one with swearing? Or about arthritis? Did I share this one already? It looks familiar. I can’t remember. Where did I find it? Who sent it to me? Should I share it now or share it later? When was my last post to Facebook? Too soon? Maybe I should post it to Instagram instead. Or should I tweet it? Maybe I should put this on my personal wall instead… How many people are likely to be deeply offended by this? Should I explain it or should I just let it stand Should I add something sassy?


This is the process for every social media post, every blog post, pin, you name it. I spend most of my day LOOKING in control, but in reality, I’m hanging on by a thread until bedtime.