What's the Point in Being a Writer

A little bit ago I wrote a post intended to be tongue and cheek. It was about how blogging networks hate me and never accept me. And while it is true, it was also my means of coping with the fact that I’m rejected by every single one of them. What happened when I posted it was unexpected.

People commented. I never really expect comments in general, but on a post like that I really don’t expect it. And yet, people commented. They told me that they liked my blog just as is. They told me that they liked that I hadn’t conformed to the Blogging Conventional Wisdom of how to get views. They told me that they thought I was real, and me. And while this all might sound rather bland, for me it was a confirmation of why I write.

What's the Point of Being a Writer

You can read 100 blog posts about how to get your views up. Most will tell you to share it on social media and in blogger groups. Most will also tell you to write tutorials, lists, DIY’s and things that are easy to digest. But what that means is that in a world where blogging is practically mainstream, that’s a lot voices all saying the same thing.

If you are passionate about DIY, I’m thrilled. Truly passionate bloggers, regardless of topic, are my favorite. Their passion shines through. Me? I’m not. I LOVE to DIY, I sew, I crochet, I build stuff and I even take pictures of each step along the way. And then they sit on my computer for literal months because I hate to write that stuff. It’s not me. I’m not passionate about it.

I’ve tried for years to get my husband to understand blogging. He doesn’t get it. He doesn’t read blogs. It’s just not his thing. So, when I talk to him about writing (such as writing this post at 3am), he doesn’t really understand what I get out of it.

I told him about my blog post. I told him how amazing it felt to have people tell me that they like me the way I am. I have not conformed to the Conventional Blogging Wisdom. I have simply continued to write whatever the crap I want to write and hoped that maybe someone out there would care. I have no problem with lists and DIY posts, they just aren’t me.

I spent three years blogging in obscurity and not really caring at all. Then I decided to put some effort into really writing regularly and all that professional blogger stuff. After two years of hard work and spending more time on my blog than I do with my family, I have done ok. Not great, but better than I hoped. And after all that hard work and time, it’s nice to have someone, anyone, say, “Hey, I dig what you are about.”

I showed myself that I could make my blog work, even if on a small scale, without writing stuff I didn’t want to. I usually break even; last year I made a small profit, but it all amounts to me writing what I want and making it work. And really, what’s the point of being a writer if I can’t write whatever I want?