Spartan Up! Pod Cast is now available!

“I realized in that moment how precious health really is.” – Joe De Sena

Anyone who has been following me since my old blog will well remember that I had planned to run the Spartan/Reebok race and also read the founders book “Spartan Up!”

I’m lucky enough to still be following my goals to someday write that letter to Jo De Sena telling him how the book helped me focus and what it felt like to cross the finish line after my doctors said I shouldn’t start running again. Because health is precious, as he says in his book, and I am definitely not taking it for granted anymore.

So, naturally, when I got wind that there is now a Pod Cast called Spartan Up! I couldn’t wait for it to be released!!!!

Spartan Up is going to continue to explore those things that Jo De Sena explored in his book.  What motivates people, what makes them succeed and can we do that too?  And they have some amazing people that have joined the show! From Fortune 500 CEO’s to world class athletes., everyone is joining in the discussion.

They have just released the first 12 episodes and I’m so stoked to finish them! Be sure to take a listen HERE

Seriously, I can’t be more in love with this company.  And I may or may not have a little hero worship problem regarding Jo De Sena.

And because Reebok/Spartan Race is awesome, they offered up a race code to give to one of you amazing people AND a discount code for any US Continental race.


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