Love should not be conditional, but sadly, so often, it is.

The Hard Truth: Love is Conditional

Love should be full, and bold, and encompass those around you. It should be so strong an emotion, a feeling, that very little can stop you from loving. Betrayal, hurt, anger, these are simply things to be worked through, but never a reason to stop loving.

The fact of the matter is that love is conditional. Everyone has a condition or two. And in exchange you may get some laughs and even feel loved for a while. But the conditions are there.

Will they still love you if you can’t walk? If you lose your job? If you have kids? Or don’t?

The terrible truth is that love is conditional. It’s conditional to you being healthy, fit, happy, young, or any other number of descriptions.

Whether people like to admit it or not, love is conditional, even if you don’t realize you have placed conditions on it.

The hard truth is that someday, someone will love you conditionally, but you won’t realize it, until it’s too late.