Pinterest Thinks I'm a Serial Killer

The other day I was perusing pinterest as I tend to do. Everyday. Constantly. My feed was filled with the normal stuff, blog tips, rude memes, and random nerdy shit. But it also had some recommended pins.
Now, if you are a blogger or have been using pinterest for more than a week, you are likely aware that pinterest has begun “suggesting” things for you to pin in your feed. So far, I’m largely indifferent to this added feature. It’s not invasive and doesn’t clog up my feed so who cares.
True, I have gotten my own pins suggested to me, but I see that as proof that the system works. Of course I’m interested in my own pins! I’m amazing!

But yesterday, a normal pin-binging kind of day, a random pin caught my eye for some reason. I noticed it was a recommended pin but wasn’t sire why because the picture was a tad small.

Of course I expanded it!

Turned out to be….

A clear mannequin body… Filled with broken doll parts.

Yep. Pinterested was pretty sure that me, Seriously, the only semi-pro blogger in the world and made up largely of sarcasm and disdain, would just love (and want to pin) a picture of a clear mannequin, filled with doll parts, chillin’ in a back alleyway…

Y’all, Pinterest thinks I’m a serial killer.
**disclaimer: I did not include the picture because it is clearly someone’s art and while i found it a tad disturbing and unusual, I didn’t think it was right to openly disparage and mock it. I’m an asshole, but I’m not that big of an asshole.