Recently, and by recently I mean the last two years stuck inside these walls, I have been realizing how much crap we hang onto that we don’t need.  So, every now and then, I sit down and declutter our life a bit more.
Last week, I realized that I had far too many photographs in albums.  I believe I had sixteen at last count.  Man alive, sixteen albums full of pictures we never look at!!! That’s a lot of space!!! So, I decided to spend an entire day going through ever one of them and unforgivingly tossing them.  I managed to condense them all into two albums and a shoe box.  But going through a literal lifetime of photos is not without life lessons.
So I give you:
Weird things I’ve learned about myself while sorting, tossing, and organzing our insane collection of printed photos
12 Weird Things I Learned About Myself When Looking at Old Photos

Photo Credit: Death to Stock Photo

I take too many pictures at concerts considering you can never tell what’s going on in them.
I enjoy taking random pics and then have no idea what the fuck they are of
I have apparently been taking pictures if my feet since high school… I don’t know either! I wasn’t even anonymous back then!
I am incapable of taking a serious picture without at least 20 of me purposefully ruining them first
I drank a lot in high school and am trying to remember how I ever made it to class the next day.
I’m a hoarder of sentiment. I had every school picture every friend had ever given me. What the ever loving fuck!? I didn’t even know most of their names!
I was secretly taking pictures of hilarious strangers before social media even existed. It’s like social media and blogging were my destiny.
Sorting through a literal lifetime of photos makes you wonder why the fuck you take photos anyway because no one ever sees them. Then you remember the 10,000 pictures of your dogs on your phone and shut up.
I had a lot of friends that drifted in and out and in and out of my life for years. We call these people flakey assholes in the real world, but hermits like noncommittal people who disappear a lot.
I had issues with stealing menues from restaurants as a younger person. Like a serious issue.
I’m thankful social media wasn’t around when i was in high school because we documented a lot of crimes…
I might have been a deviant in high school. I never thought i was but the pictures are painting a very clear picture of who exactly was the bad influence in my circle and i’m pretty sure it was me
So, twelve weird lessons about me and the weirdo I am.  But hey, I bet you are all secretly super weird people too, right? Go through your photos, trust me, you will be joining the Weird Ass People club soon.