Dear America: The Only Hope for Change is YOU

Whoever started making memes about how the ugliness would end on election night was over was so sadly mistaken.

Someone was going to win and someone was going to lose. I don’t care who you voted for. Someone had to win and someone had to lose and neither candidate was a shinning example of what Americans think and feel.

The fact is, someone won. Regardless of the candidate you voted for, we are now all in this together. If you hate who won, then remain active in your beliefs and political affiliations so that he is a one term president.

Most of America felt that we were stuck between a rock and hard place. So, instead of spewing just as much hate as the other side (believe me, you have all done it, I watched), let’s remember that we have four years to shout and be heard as voters, as citizens, as Americans. We have four years of voting at a state and city level to begin to exact the change we wish to see at the federal level.

We have an opportunity to learn from our mistakes and begin to insist on the change in our government that everyone has spent all year insisting this presidential election would aid in. Let’s remember that our local officials often try to move up to a federal office.

If we learn anything, let it be that your vote matters. That local elections are just as important as federal ones. Let it be that the beauty of the system we have is that we have the power to change it. Our hands are not tied. And that is what makes our country so great.

So, stop spewing hate at each other. Instead, hang onto that fire, that passion. Hang onto it and direct it at your local officials. Direct it at your ballots for local and state elections in the four years to come. Use the fever you felt about this election. Don’t do what we tend to. Don’t, as Americans, forget how you feel right now. Remember how you felt all year. Remember and use it.