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Apathy: lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern.

Apathy: I’m not sure when it happened, looking back now. It was a gradual decent for me, as I imagine it is for everyone. But suddenly, I found myself uninspired by life and my once engaged person just didn’t care anymore. I don’t care if you like me, my self worth is not measure by…


Why It’s Called a Broken Heart 

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There are these moments in life… the miliseconds after someone says something so hurtful that it takes your breath away. that moment before your brain has even registered what the person said, but your heart is already wounded, shattered, and lying at your feet.   And it won’t matter what the person says or does next….


What’s in a Name?

What's in a Name? And why blogging anonymously doesn't change my identity.

I have been anonymous almost as long as I have been blogging. I say “almost” because, like anything else in life, there is a learning curve and going to be some mistakes. But it’s been a lot of years of practice and trial and error. I now have it down to a relative science. I…


Are You a Lovable Curmudgeon? Or Just a Bitch?

Are You a Lovable Curmudgeon or Just a Bitch?

In my blogging life, I am known as a lot of things. Snarky being the first thing most people say. Witty? Maybe… Would I say I’m witting? No. I’d say I’m rude and sarcastic, but people think it’s funny and some how akin to wit. But as time has moved forward (as it’s bound to…


A Responsible Bad Influence

Can You Be a Responsible Bad Influence?

Everyone has heard the phrase “a misspent youth.”  I can attest that I had one.  I am THAT person who is a product of a misspent youth.  I had alcohol poisoning four times before I turned 21.  I had many nights of partying late, doing things I shouldn’t, and generally causing trouble. Now, aside from…


You Want Me to Eat WHAT!?

You Want Me to Eat What?!

I absolutely love following Mrs. B and the adventures she shares with her family. She is also a military spouse and definitely a blogger worth following, especially if you want to see all of the awesome stuff she does and places she explores while living outside of the US. It will make anyone desperate to…


Confessions of a Recovering Workaholic

Do you know what happens when you go into a group you are a member of and ask if anyone wants to guest post last minute? You get amazing bloggers that you admire like Hope sending you awesome stuff!!!  This is why it never hurts to ask.  You never know what kind of amazing bloggers…