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You Want Me to Eat WHAT!?

You Want Me to Eat What?!

I absolutely love following Mrs. B and the adventures she shares with her family. She is also a military spouse and definitely a blogger worth following, especially if you want to see all of the awesome stuff she does and places she explores while living outside of the US. It will make anyone desperate to…


Confessions of a Recovering Workaholic

Do you know what happens when you go into a group you are a member of and ask if anyone wants to guest post last minute? You get amazing bloggers that you admire like Hope sending you awesome stuff!!!  This is why it never hurts to ask.  You never know what kind of amazing bloggers…


The 5 Detectives Every Bad Ass Woman Wants to Be

At some point in my life, I was introduced to Cristin.  She wanted to start a blog and a friend introduced us in case she had questions.  Medium-short story short, now we are buddies and, naturally, that means I forced her to guest post for me.  (My friendship doesn’t come free, people! Be prepared to…


Just Two Stitches

Did you know I have an editor?  I’ll admit that I occasionally grow impatient and post stuff before she sees it.  Why does that matter?  1. It means that you can tell when I’ve been good and when I wasn’t by how good my use of the Oxford Comma is, and 2. If she works…


Hooker Tuesday: Creative Ways to Call a Hooker a Hooker

  • You Have the Internet
  • Hooker Tuesdays: Creative Ways to Call a Hooker a Hooker
  • Whenever you feel sad
  • You seem to be well educated on stuff you made up
  • Trick or Treat
  • bullies

Welcome to Hooker Tuesday!  Why do I call it that?  Because I can,  that’s why.  I don’t tell you how to name your posts! If you have ever heard me speak in real life, you will quickly notice that “hooker” is one of my favorite words.  Not only that, but I find it to be…


Top 3 Reasons Why California Makes Me Break Out

Top 3 Reasons California Makes Me Break Out

If you haven’t met Kara from Ramblings of a Marine Wife, you should know that I think she is amazing and I 100% endorse her, her blog, and everything about her!!!  Not to mention, she’s a super cool blog friend who sometimes guest posts for me and writes awesome stuff like this post!!!   ****…


Meet My Blogging Soul Mate

Soul Mates

There is such a thing as a blogging soul mate.  Bloggers that can recognize the other half of their terrible, blogging, writing soul in another person and know that, without ever actually meeting face to face, you are just so meant to be. Enter The Grouchy Military Mom Diaries.   Blogging Soul Mates? I think…


Hooker Tuesday: Findom Looking for Pay Pig

I’m not into being spanked.  I’ve never really understood the Furry movement, though I guess Miss Piggy could be an internal, unconscious source of it.  And, while I love it, I understand that Bronies is NOT a fetish, though there are some smokin’ hot guys who hit those conferences… Oh, and I’m married and have a…


How to Be an AWESOME Blogger

Jo from Jo, My Gosh is a great blogging pal and friend of mine.  When it was time for me to get a little sliced and diced, I begged her to write a guest post for me.  A little tip:  Tell her she’s super duper pretty.  Works like a charm. She wrote this amazing post…