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Let it Go… All of It

Let it Go... All of It

It’s been 14 months (almost to the day as of this writing) that I got sick. That is 423 days, or one year, one month, and 28 days. That’s A LOT of days. And, frankly, I have had periods where I didn’t update the blog at all. Not because I lacked news, but simply because…


I Don’t Have Flareups, I Have Breakdowns

I don't have flare ups, I have break downs...

Today started like any other day does. Each morning, I begin to squint and wipe the sleep from my eyes before I start to take mental stock/inventory. All my limbs are currently here, just as they were yesterday. But are they all working? Most people begin the day with a yawn and stretch. We, as…


How Do You Mourn Yourself?

How Do You Mourn Yourself

One thing no one ever warns you about when you get sick is the possibility you won’t get better. As children we crawl in bed and our parents tuck our hair behind our ears and give us awful tasting medicine and promise it will make us feel better. We may have a few days before…


Wearing Humor Like Body Armor

Comedy is a Tumor that Grows on the Soul

  I normally like Matt Walsh and his blog, but his post about suicide is terribly misinformed. There is a HUGE difference between feeling depressed because of life or situational circumstance and BEING depressed. As someone who suffers from Bipolar disorder, I can tell you that I no more have the control over my sudden…


The Good Days and the Bad

All Time Is All Time - The Good Days and the Bad

As with anything in life, any trial, tribulation, or obstacle, there are good days and bad days.  It means that within my little bubble of a rare diagnosis, wrapped in an even more unusual medical case, I have my share of good days and bad days. Many days, I wake up ready to take on…