I See You Staring. Trust Me, You Aren’t That Smooth

I May Not Look Sick, But You Don't Look Stupid. Looks Can Be Deceiving

  I have bipolar disorder, so I’m no stranger to people not understanding me.  It’s hard when your moods are iffy to commit to things and that makes me flaky sometimes.  I’m used to people not understanding what is wrong with me or that I’m ill because they can’t see it.  And arthritis is no…


Love is NOT All You Need: The Truth About Marriage

Love is NOT All You Need

My marriage is in ruins.  That is my biggest secret.  The perfect couple, that deeply loves, that seem to have been made for each other can’t make their marriage function.  Our friends would be shocked to know the truth hidden behind carefully crafted smiles.   Marriage is not about love.  I hate to say that. …


Once, I Held My Breath for an Entire Year

Once I Held My Breath for an Entire Year

I live a lot of my life in a silent denial.  I have no delusions about what my husband does in the military.  I have no delusions about what occurred during previous deployments, but sometimes, a little denial can do your heart some good and give your worrying mind some rest. Because, once, I didn’t…


When Lonely is Too Small a Word…

When Lonely is Too Small a Word // itsnotmeyousuck.com

Sometimes, I want to type that I’m lonely.  But lonely doesn’t seem to do justice to all that I feel inside.  Lonely denotes a young woman who might be having a hard time and who may need someone to talk to, but I am so much more. In the months since my diagnosis I have…


Someone Always Has it Worse

Someone always has it worse. I hate that phrase. In this life, there are two absolute truths: Someone ALWAYS has it BETTER than you, and someone ALWAYS has it WORSE.  If you are rich, someone is richer and someone is poorer.  If you are sad, someone is happy and someone is going through something worse….


Printable Holiday Gift Tags!!!

Printable Gift Tags Title Square

Hi, I’m Pam from The Patriotic Pam.  I’m also a military spouse, and like Jane, I blog about a little bit of everything from Crafts, Recipes, Tips and more.  As the holidays are drawing closer, we all have a gift to give or two.  A great money and time saver for me is to design…


Angrily Thankful

I am both angry and thankful.  It doesn’t seem like those two emotions can co-exist in one person for very long, but it’s true.  I have these intense periods of wanting to cry for the little things like wiggling my toes and then have intense periods of being angry at the universe. My most recent…


Thoughtfully Thankful

November rolls around each year and everyone begins to post the mundane parts of their day they are thankful for.  “I’m thankful my coffee machine turned on on time this morning,”  “I’m thankful for a car that works.”  It’s not that I don’t appreciate the sentiment.  I truly do.  I think we could all do…