Today I Cried Because I am Selfish

I recently posted about weakness and how I was taught not to cry.  Not even alone.   This past weekend, I traveled a ways from home with my husband to attend military ball.  When we arrived I developed a severe allergic reaction to something unknown and ended up in the ER.  I returned just hours after…


Military Spouses, Today is NOT Your Day, It is Veterans Day

Veterans Day Not Milspouse Day

Today, Nov 11, 2013 is Veterans Day.  Not to be confused with Memorial Day, Veterans Day is the day we honor ALL who serve or have served in our great nations armed forces.  Memorial Day is the day we honor the fallen.  It’s a somber day of remembering those who gave it all.  Both days…


Trust Me I’m a Vet Tech: Let’s Play a Game

Well, it was my turn to write our post for the series in October.  Obviously that didn’t happen.  I wanted to write it, but A. I forgot what I was supposed to write about, but that’s ok because so did Unconventional Mommy Tails (which might be proof that we are making this crap up as…


My Dog is Smarter Than Me: Part 3

My Dog is Smarter Than Me Part 3 //

So, I told you about the time she scaled the baby gates and proved to us that the only thing that would keep her in the kitchen was hours of dedication to modify them.  Which is what we did.  We modified and duct taped until she couldn’t get out… well, she couldn’t routinely get out. …


PR Fails: Part 3

PR Fails Part 3

I’m generally pretty good at being diplomatically and politely rude to people when the need arises.  It’s one of my many talents, along with eloquently telling you why you are a complete idiot.  One thing I have never written about is PR failures. I’m not talking about a poorly designed or worded ad.  I’m talking…


Easy Microwave Steamed Broccoli

Easy Microwaved Steamed Broccoli //

I’m a terrible and lazy cook, but have learned to do some pretty amazing things with the microwave and began calling myself a Microwave Diva, and thus the idea for the series was born!  What you will find is a collection of easy healthy recipes.  Though most will revolve around easy things to make for…