15 Things I Thought on My First Day on Snapchat

15 Thoughts I Had on My First Day on Snapchat

According to all of the stuff I’ve read about Snapchap, I’m nearly a decade too old to be their demographic.  However, that doesn’t change the fact that everyone is using it.  I downloaded it once about a year ago and just stared at it, deeply confused.  I have since learned that I am not the…


Cures for Autoimmune Diseases According to the Internet

10 Cures for Autoimmune Diseases According to the Internet

Autoimmune diseases are terribly misunderstood.  Even in the medical community they are largely just a big question mark branded onto a person.  They don’t know what causes them, they don’t know how to cure them, they don’t always know exactly what you have or why.  There are usually more questions than actual answers. My own…


Pinterest Thinks I’m a Serial Killer

Pinterest Thinks I'm a Serial Killer

The other day I was perusing pinterest as I tend to do. Everyday. Constantly. My feed was filled with the normal stuff, blog tips, rude memes, and random nerdy shit. But it also had some recommended pins. Now, if you are a blogger or have been using pinterest for more than a week, you are…


How Old is Too Old to be Childless?

I have never regretted not having children. I am not so old that I can’t still have them, but not so young that people assume we have nothing but time. But the truth is, we don’t plan to have them. I have never wanted them, and neither has my husband. And I am NOT a…


How We Splurge Responsibly

My husband has not always been great with money and we struggled when we were first married. Add to that a deployment in which they failed to pay us four times in a 10 month period, and actually back to back once, and the fact that we didn’t see that money for another 8 months…