What’s in a Name?

What's in a Name? And why blogging anonymously doesn't change my identity.

I have been anonymous almost as long as I have been blogging. I say “almost” because, like anything else in life, there is a learning curve and going to be some mistakes. But it’s been a lot of years of practice and trial and error. I now have it down to a relative science. I…


Are You a Lovable Curmudgeon? Or Just a Bitch?

Are You a Lovable Curmudgeon or Just a Bitch?

In my blogging life, I am known as a lot of things. Snarky being the first thing most people say. Witty? Maybe… Would I say I’m witting? No. I’d say I’m rude and sarcastic, but people think it’s funny and some how akin to wit. But as time has moved forward (as it’s bound to…


Spartan Up Pod Cast: Because Health is Really Precious

Spartan Up! Pod Cast is now available!

Anyone who has been following me since my old blog will well remember that I had planned to run the Spartan/Reebok race and also read the founders book “Spartan Up!” I’m lucky enough to still be following my goals to someday write that letter to Jo De Sena telling him how the book helped me…


That Time I Turned a Straight Man Gay

Hooker Tuesday: That time I turned a straight guy gay

Everyone loves to have a really great laugh about the various follies of their youth, their wild behavior or random indescrestions. I mean, really, who doesn’t love a story about something crazy? Me? I have tons of them. And my friends love to have me tell them. The truth is, for all my foul language…


What’s the Point in Being a Writer?

What's the Point in Being a Writer

A little bit ago I wrote a post intended to be tongue and cheek. It was about how blogging networks hate me and never accept me. And while it is true, it was also my means of coping with the fact that I’m rejected by every single one of them. What happened when I posted…


Let it Go… All of It

Let it Go... All of It

It’s been 14 months (almost to the day as of this writing) that I got sick. That is 423 days, or one year, one month, and 28 days. That’s A LOT of days. And, frankly, I have had periods where I didn’t update the blog at all. Not because I lacked news, but simply because…