Seriously in 10 Facts or Less


I’m Seriously.

This is my blog.

There are 10 facts you should know about me.


Get to Know Seriously in 10 Facts or Less

Helping Penguins //
Almost Poet Laureate but turned it down to help male emperor penguins keep their eggs warm

Nominated for a Nobel Peace prize for not stabbing people with forks at the dinner table when they rudely leave their hats on and spend the whole time on their phones.

First known Luddite blogger who works as an Online Community Manager via her bicycle powered laptop, which also makes a stunning paperweight and can microwave a chicken at 20 paces.

Hello Doctor! // itsnotmeyousuck.comFormer companion to The Doctor but was abandoned in at a bus station in Leeds after saving the world before he could. Then broke a world record by walking to her PNW home from the bus station.

Truly does take orders from a four pound Minion of Satan.

Minion // itsnotmeyousuck.comDiagnosed with a rare form of arthritis which is probably just the bad tuna she had for lunch. She’ll set another world record for skating backwards from her home in the PNW to Pearl Harbor next month.
The only Semi-professional Blogger in the word. Self-titled and self appointed.

The character Liz Lemon from 30 Rock is based on Seriously.

Probably is self-absorbed, really is a military spouse and holds a license to be a Veterinary Technician, but left clinical practice to purse learning how to walk again (that might actually be true, it’s hard to say)

She’s not humble, likely suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and her husband claims she’s a highly functioning sociopath and refuses to look in the basement for anything just in case.

And she is clearly, painfully and pathetically, the only person who finds her funny. She is her own best friend and number one fan.