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When Your Depression Feels Like Drowning in Quicksand

My depression doesn’t metaphorically look like water. It’s not some romanticized idea of drowning. It is not an Evian commercial. My depression is more like invisible quicksand. I wake up one day and my feet just seem to stick a little bit when I walk. And each step I take slows me down a minute…


The Lies Depression Tells you

The Lies Depression Tells You- Remember, depression lies

  I am an emotive person. Sort of. I’m guarded and usually unwilling to truly share who I am with people. But when I’m upset or in some sort of heightened emotional state (happy or sad) I need to express it. Whether that be blogging or talking to my husband. I have always assumed I…


Wearing Humor Like Body Armor

Comedy is a Tumor that Grows on the Soul

  I normally like Matt Walsh and his blog, but his post about suicide is terribly misinformed. There is a HUGE difference between feeling depressed because of life or situational circumstance and BEING depressed. As someone who suffers from Bipolar disorder, I can tell you that I no more have the control over my sudden…