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My Dog is Smarter Than Me: Part 3

My Dog is Smarter Than Me Part 3 // itsnotmeyousuck.com

So, I told you about the time she scaled the baby gates and proved to us that the only thing that would keep her in the kitchen was hours of dedication to modify them.  Which is what we did.  We modified and duct taped until she couldn’t get out… well, she couldn’t routinely get out. …


My Dog is Smarter Than Me: Part 2

My Dog is Smarter Than Me Part 2 // itsnotmeyousuck.com

  Remember when I talked about the bark collar?  I also mentioned at that time that there are other instances when I knew my dog is actually smarter than I am.  She is the Devil incarnate and outwits me every single day on a mini scale, but we have some pretty amazing stories of times…


My Dog is Smarter than Me

My Dog is Smarter Than Me Part 1 // itsnotmeyousuck.com

As most of you are well aware, I have three of the brattiest dogs on earth.  This is why I refer to them collectively has “The Brats.”  I have a male Doberman whom I affectionately refer to as Big Head or Retardo the Magnificent, I have a female Doberman who has no clear nickname, just…


Inexpensive Dog Chews (In Honor of Furry Fridays)

Inexpensive Homemade Dog Chews // itsnotmeyousuck.com

In honor of Furry Fridays:If you are like me, and I sincerely hope you aren’t, you have three dogs who are crazy.  Oh, and who can chew through anything, get bored easily, and drive you nuts!Though my youngest pup is not a strong chewer, my male Doberman and my Min Pin can chew through chewies…