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I Have A Blankie, Don’t Judge Me: The Unique Way I Deal With Stress

I Have a Blankie, Don't Judge Me // itnotmeyousuck.com

For weeks now I have had a hard time writing.  It seems like something that should be easy.  I’m not lacking life experiences, I’m not lacking great ideas, lovely new phrases or bratty things to be upset about.  But the truth is, things have been so challenging of late.  With the renovation, my grandfathers death…


The Smell Of Brussels Sprouts

The Smell of Brussels Sprouts // itsnotmeyousuck.com

My great grandmothers house always smelled faintly of cooked brussels sprouts.   I never actually saw her eat one growing up, but always imagined that she must have lived on nothing else.  I would burst into her kitchen the second my parents would let me out of the car and breath in the smell that still,…


Broken Teacups

Broken Teacups and Grandmother"s Love // itsnotmeyousuck.com

When my Grandmother was alive, she was someone I thought was the best kind of person.  She made me giggle as a child when she would chatter her dentures together and never shied away from taking them out and showing me how she cleaned them and how they stayed in her mouth.  I was fascinated.I…